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The Western Montana Mycological Association offers six ways to identify mushrooms:

  1. Key – A step by step guide to identifying a mushroom by its visible characteristics. Following through the key will allow you to determine any type of mushroom listed on this site.
  2. Genera Names – If you know or suspect the name of the mushroom, this guide has images to compare. Each family or genus group in the index has a photo of a representative of the group.
  3. Ask the Experts – Mystery mushrooms identified!   Q&A from our archives.   If you take a photo of the top and bottom of the mushroom and email it to we will do our best to identify it for you.
  4. Morels – A special section focusing on  the ecology,  biology, and preparation of morel mushrooms.
  5. Oyster Mushrooms – Pleurotus. A special section featuring oyster mushrooms: cultivation, identification, preparation
  6. Truffles – Looking at the dozens of truffles in our area, their ecological and culinary importance.

But…but….how do I FIND

these mushrooms?  Wherever you look, mushrooms are shrouded in mystery.  Patience and the indulgence of a guru will start you on the path, but the only path of learning is by doing. There are old or bold mushroom hunters, but there are none that lack motivation! The following essays will give you some tips, and a look at the resources and links page will give you some leads to follow. And dont get impatient. If they wont tell you its probably because it isnt knowable. Yet.

The Ethics of Harvesting is a discussion with commercial and recreational pickers, published in Mushroom the Journal of Wild Mushrooming back in the 20th century…

Tips from a Commercial Chanterelle Hunter a rare insight into the workings of a fungus finder, with one of the best minds in the game, Connie Green.

The Tao of Collecting offers some how and why of approaching the elusive fungi.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is a discussion of the pitfalls and shortcuts of mushroom field identification

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